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17[1] Chapter 632 Prediction: Onslaught

by: Tyrannos

The Juubi is held in check, which leaves Team 7 to attack Madara and force him to lose control of the beast. But the battle is far from easy.


by: titantron91

Madara throws a tantrum asking why Hashirama won't fight him. Hashirama explains that it's the younger generation's turn to save the world now. The Hokages are the ones to pave the way for them.
He observes that an Uchiha allies with the Alliance and calls him traitor. Sasuke rebuts that he couldn't careless about Madara's drama and that he'll be the one to redeem the Uchiha name and Madara's standing on his way to its fulfillment.
Madara answers back, saying that the Uchiha needs no redeeming for soon enough they'll be rulers in the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Scene goes to Oro and crew. Oro goes to the Five Kage. He approaches Tsunade's bifurcated body noting how pitiful Tsunade is, reminiscing his brother Nawaki's death. Tsunade ask if he's there to finish them off. Oro asks back a question "Do you want to live?"... Tsunade stares at Oro then gets flashback of a young Oro mourning about his parents' death
Young Tsunade: What's up? I'm sorry about your parents' death but we have to move on sooner or later
Yong Oro: They're the family I have... our clan has been exterminated even before Konoha was made... I'm very thankful of the Shodai Hokage for making this village but why do people have to die? What good is this village for?
Young Tsunade: I don't really know what to say... I'll be biased to say that my grandfather did nothing wrong... but honestly I think the best way to honor your parents is to live on... they died protecting you... you must be very special at least to them
Young Oro: Live on?
Young Tsunade: Yeah... live on... maybe live long enough to see everything change... even if it takes forever
Young Oro: Live on... forever...
Flashback stops. Oro shouts and asks again "DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?" Tsunade with the last ounce of strength she has shouts "I WANT TO LIVE!" Oro's hands produce chakra and proceeds to start a jutsu... "Suigetsu, Karin... remove this trunk over Tsunade."
Scene moves to Kakashi and Obito. Kakashi is lying down without his Sharingan eye. Angle shifts to Obito holding the Rinnegan in his hand and wearing both his Sharingan eyes now in his sockets. He notes that at this point, using his natural power is useful.

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  1. I predict an entire chapter of Team 7 barraging the Juubi with their strongest jutsu, possibly with the rookies and alliance giving their all to fend off Madara and buy them time to attack the Juubi. Now one of two things is going to happen with the Juubi subplot at some point:

    1) Team Naruto fails to destroy the Juubi as it reaches its final form, at which point all hell breaks loose. I believe somebody will become its Jinchuuriki at some point but, I'm not entirely sure how this can occur should it reach full power before being sealed. They'd basically have to have RS level strength to pull it off.

    2) Team Naruto succeeds in destroying its body before it can fully resurrect, however, its soul remains and will regenerate its body soon. At some point somebody, whether it be Madara (maybe), Obito (not likely), Orochimaru (crapshoot), or Sasuke (zomg dramatic plot twist!) will seal its soul within themselves and become its Jinchuuriki. THEN all hell breaks loose.

  2. What is Sakura's true Power?
    Madara: An Uchiha eh. Why do you disgrace your clan in this manner?
    Sasuke: [Activates EMS] Disgrace my clan? By saving Konoha and killing you, I'll be bringing honor to my clan and the greatest Uchiha that ever lived, Itachi!
    Madara: I don't know or care about this "Itachi" but he sounds like a fool
    Madara: Following his will will lead to the death of another Uchiha, but following mine will lead to peace
    Sasuke: [Angry] My brother was no fool! And I carry him and his will inside me with his eyes!
    Madara: Ah, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan...
    Madara: Your eyes carry so much hate at such a young age, your a fool not to use your hate properly
    Sasuke: [Eye bleeds] Then I'll channel all this hate towards you...
    Sasuke: [Zooms into Sasuke's red, straining, bleeding eye] Amaterasu!
    Madara: !?
    [Black flames gather around Madara's susanoo rib cage]
    Madara: (Amaterasu...) So this is you Mangekyo's ability, not bad
    Naruto: Sakura, can you activate your jutsu yet?
    Sakura: [Claps hands together] I gathered enough chakra! Now I need more time to mold it
    Naruto: No problem
    Juubi: RAAAAARG!!!
    [4 kage fall to their knees]
    Hashirama: Shit! This beast is strong!
    Minato: (I only hope this can buy enough time for Naruto's kyuubi to regain strength)
    [Scene switches to Pocket dimension]
    Obito: That should put you in your place
    [Kakashi falls to the floor with 5 wooden spikes sticking out of his back]
    SFX: Thud
    Obito: Now, as you breath you last breaths, contemplate everything I've said and learn to resent this world
    ????: Learn to differentiate the difference between reality and illusion
    Obito: [In same panel] ?!
    SFX: Slash
    [Kakashi stabs Obito with raikiri]
    Obito: [shocked] When did you?!
    Kakashi: What you killed was a mere illusion
    Kakashi: Now tell me, did it feel good to kill a friend?
    Obito: ...
    Obito: It doesn't. You force me to do this
    [Obito slips out of the raikiri]
    Obito: (This pain...It shouldn't be here)
    Obito: (It's not the raikiri that hurts, it must be...)
    Kakashi: I'll do whatever it takes to protect my friends, and maybe the only way to protect you is by killing you
    Obito: And the only way to change this broken world is by killing you
    [Scene goes to battlefield)
    [Naruto and Sasuke fall back after a clash with Madara]
    Naruto: Tsk. Bastard's tough
    Sasuke: Regardless, I'll have him dead before Sakura can even play with him
    [Sasuke activates his susanoo]
    Sasuke: Blaze Release: Yasaka Magatama
    Madara: !
    [Madara easily dodges all of the magatama]
    Madara: It's a shame you waste your talent with these wastes of life
    Juubi: RAAARGH!!!
    [The Juubi breaks the ten seals and the barrier]
    Madara: The transformation's almost complete!
    Hiruzen: Shit!
    Sakura: Now!
    Sakura: Mokuton Senpou!
    Madara: (Hashirama's senjutsu, this will get fun)
    Sakura: (Tsunade, I will carry your will and protect konoha until my death)
    Hashirama: (So this is Tsunade's student, she must be strong to master mokuton senpou)
    Naruto: That's what I'm talkin' about! Let's show this guy Team 7's power!
    Sasuke: Right!
    [Naruto activates Bijuu mode and Sasuke actives susanoo]
    Madara: I hope this is lasts awhile
    Sakura's power revealed!
    Team 7 shows it's true force!

  3. I predict Karin will find Tsunade and stick her two halves together while Orochimaru looks on with an odd smirk on his face. Then Tsunade will bite Karin, who makes another suggestive moaning scream for her first time with another woman, leading to Tsunade's halves fusing and healing up good as new. And the readers will be left confused, grossed out, and perhaps mildly aroused.

  4. 632 Prediction
    Sasuke: Alright he’s what we do I’ll try and best him with my Susano while you Sakura keep him occupied with Taijutsu and Naruto if I failed hit him with your Nine Tails chakra.
    Naruto: Better yet I’ll use the Rasenshuriken
    Sakura: Hopefully my blazing Phoenix Fist breaks and boils him in to shock
    Madara: You fledglings think you can handle me I’m on a completely different level.
    Naruto: Kakashi-Sensei always said that the next generation will always surpass the previous!!! BELIEVE IT!
    Madara: Obviously Hashirama and I are excluded from that statement!
    Sakura: (Disappears behind Madara)Enough Talk you die now you son of a bitch!(releases chakra into a powerful kick sends Madara into the air jumps up to him and punches with great furry to send Madara back to the ground)
    Naruto: Way to go Sakura!
    Sasuke: Susano!!! (attacks Madara and “wounds” him)
    Naruto: Wind Release:Rasenshuriken!(hits Madara directly)
    Madara: Wow you beat up a Wood Clone! (laughs maniacally)
    Tobirama: If you only use your own damn jutsus you’d be finish! Now stop stealing, have honor, and balls and use the jutsus you were born with you slimy, worthless, coward of a ninja, two faced son of a jackass!
    Naruto: Damn he must be the meanest Hokage of them all.
    Tobirama: I have ears boy I heard that. Now shut up and kick his ass!
    Naruto: Yes sir!
    Sasuke: Naruto transform to the Nine Tails I’ll cloak you with my Susano! Learned it from the First Hokage’s Story about his battle with this disgrace to my clan!
    Sakura: Excellent now it’s time for back up. Summoning Jutsu!
    Katsukinima: Princess of the slugs at your service!
    not my best work but somewhat decent.

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